My name is David J. Oliver. I have been shooting photographs since I was 16 years old. (I'm now . . . . . . well, more on that later.) So I've chalked up about 40 years photographing. It's been a longtime passion of mine! During those 40 years, I also have about 20 years experience in Graphic Arts/Printing Industry. All my experiences in life helped to mold me to be the best photographer I can be. It sparked and nurtured my photographic style.

I absolutely love working with people! I like to get to know them a bit before I start any photo session. I believe it is important to get to know the person, people, area that I will be photographing. I capture moments in time and record them so that they can be enjoyed for many years to come. I love it!

I belong to the CT Professional Photographers Association. I believe in keeping in touch with the latest technology and I keep myself educated in the photography industry. I'm always attending seminars and taking courses to give me a leg up on most of my competition.

What sets me apart from other photographers you might ask? First of all my shooting style is different from most. My unique perspective and vision about life and how I see it contributes to my style. You can see that by viewing my work. Secondly, my attention to detail. I believe everything in a photo should be deliberate. There should be meaning to what appears in a photo. Moreover, my love of interacting with whoever or whatever I am shooting. It's my passion!